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Centralize Data for ESG Reporting

Your firm can’t afford missteps when it comes to ESG reporting or compliance.

Our Benchmark solution provides easier access to accurate, timely utility invoice data from across your entire real estate portfolio, as well as the tools necessary for your teams to manage and report on it. With Benchmark, you get access to the tools you need to centralize and report on the data you need for ESG disclosure or compliance.

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Collect monthly utility invoice data in one platform

Identify, track, and report energy budgets and variances across a portfolio

Automatically push building data to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

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Improve Building Performance, Faster

Whether you’re adhering to specific local regulations or simply need a better handle on what’s going on in your buildings, real-time visibility into your buildings’ performance is critical.

Our Monitor solution collects and aggregates meter or sub-meter data and provides real-time transparency into your buildings’ performance. With Monitor, your teams can get ahead of costly inefficiencies in buildings, track and verify carbon impact in real time, and make building operations best-in-class.

Automate, collect, and verify building data to support sustainability initiatives

Receive automatic, quality recommendations to improve building performance

Pinpoint opportunities for efficiency by the hour and day

Provide net-zero verification of DERs and carbon impact


Drive Continuous Improvement

It’s difficult to know where to put time and capital into improving building operations when the low-hanging fruit has already been picked.

Our Optimize solution aggregates and analyzes connected building systems data—from HVAC to IoT sensors to lighting—to automatically detect the highest-value improvement opportunities. Deploy Optimize to drive efficiencies within the most sophisticated buildings in your portfolio.

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Identify and understand root causes of operational inefficiencies

Calculate cost and carbon savings from platform-recommended actions

Easily access 3+ years of historical data to support M&V

Prioritize, assign, and resolve issues in the field via mobile app

advisory services

Create An Extension of Your Team

Need support with compliance? Want assistance with quarterly forecasting or calculating tenant bills? Interested in diving deeper into operational anomalies identified in our platform?

Rely on Hatch Data’s expert advisory team to bolster your ongoing energy management program. Services include:

ENERGY STAR Certification:
Annual PE review, stamp (75+), and call with site engineer

Local Benchmarking:
Annual benchmarking to comply with local energy/water regulations

Utilities Budgeting: Annual budget creation and quarterly reforecasting support

Tenant Billing: Calculation and creation of utility invoices to support cost recovery

Operations Review: Equipment sequencing recommendations that help you respond to identified anomalies

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