Improve Asset Performance

Reduce Cost in a Fraction of the Time

Costly waste occurs even in well-run buildings. Our advanced analytics and intuitive workflows automatically identify and recommend actions to onsite teams, freeing them from tedious manual trend analysis and allowing them to focus instead on cost-saving fixes that increase asset value.

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Proactively identifies and addresses equipment health & comfort issues

Extends useful life of equipment

Analyzes root cause of operational inefficiencies

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Empower Operations

Get a single, holistic view of asset performance

To succeed, operations teams need the right tools. By aggregating and analyzing your whole portfolio’s building data, the platform keeps even the most decentralized teams aligned, productive.

Automatically detects operational improvement opportunities

Ties into existing CMMS or work-order platforms

Full-featured iOS and Android apps

Improve ESG Scores

Institute a proactive energy management program

Go beyond simply checking the reporting box. The Hatch platform makes it easy for portfolio managers to deploy ESG-driven operating standards across their whole portfolio, and operators to translate their daily decisions and actions back to corporate goals.

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Use equipment data to calculate cost and carbon savings from potential measures

Intuitive mobile workflow allows team members to prioritize, assign, and resolve issues in the field