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Former EnerNOC Employees Launch Hatch Data to Help Commercial Real Estate Operators Optimize the Performance of Every Building

Former EnerNOC Employees Launch Hatch Data to Help Commercial Real Estate Operators Optimize the Performance of Every Building

Former EnerNOC Employees Launch Hatch Data to Help Commercial Real Estate Operators Optimize the Performance of Every Building 900 600 Carlos Flores

SAN FRANCISCO and BOSTON (January 22, 2020) — Former leaders of EnerNOC’s Energy Intelligence Software business have spun out the division of the company to launch Hatch Data. While EnerNOC was a pioneer in energy management serving a wide variety of industries, Hatch Data is focused squarely on the $15 trillion commercial real estate market.

man looking at computerWindSail Capital, a Boston-based investment firm focused on energy innovation and sustainability, has made an investment in Hatch Data to enable the company to be independent and expand its position as a market leader in building operations performance management software.

Hatch Data launches today with an existing customer base of more than 250 companies that rely on the platform to capture, organize, and analyze operating data across more than 350 million square feet of occupied space. Customers include industry leaders Beacon Capital Partners, Boston Properties, Franklin Street Properties, Hines, Oxford Properties, and Unico Properties.

“Our former company invested a decade and tens of millions of dollars to develop an energy management platform that was proven across thousands of businesses. Commercial property operators have been especially successful in using our platform to radically simplify and automate the time intensive tasks associated with energy management, proactive maintenance, and performance management. Operators make buildings smart, and we’re on a mission to help them scale their impact across entire portfolios,” says Zach Robin, Hatch Data Chief Executive Officer, who formerly led the Product team at EnerNOC.

“While new construction projects capture the imagination, the average existing building is 40 years or older and can experience 15-20% degradation in operating performance each year. Hatch Data makes it easy to extend the smart building benefits of improved efficiency, increased productivity, and optimized asset value to existing buildings by tapping into existing infrastructure and data sets.”

Al Scaramelli, Managing Director, Beacon Capital Partners, adds: “We have worked with the team behind Hatch Data for more than 10 years and with great results achieved by their software and energy engineers — both essential for success. We’ve surveyed the industry for new approaches to maximize asset value for our investors and remain with Hatch Data. Their technology platform seamlessly integrates into our operational workflows and makes it easy for our teams to stay aligned and on-track.”

Ian Bowles, Co-Founder and Managing Director of WindSail Capital, notes that “Hatch Data already has a sizable customer base and is positioned to grow quickly with its performance management software that can be readily implemented for one building and scaled across large real estate portfolios. Whether assessing opportunities for capital investment, tracking down a specific operational issue, or ensuring quality of tenant experience, the benefits of Hatch’s platform are tangible, and building operators who deploy it can experience the results first-hand.”

How Hatch Data Works

Hatch Data software can be deployed for a single office building or across a multi-asset portfolio. The software collects, organizes, and analyzes minute-by-minute data streaming from commodity meters, sub-meters, building automation systems, work orders, market data, and other third-party systems to inform diagnostics, prediction, and response planning. The software’s insights are based on 10,000+ best practices and business rules designed into the Hatch Data platform and validated against more than 14 billion hours of operating data collected by the company over 10 years — the most comprehensive operational data set in the industry.

Data on the platform is open, extensible, and shareable across work-order management, ERP, accounting and asset investment management systems. Hatch Data software was designed specifically with the recognition that operations teams are in a constant state of motion. The platform delivers the right information at the right time, so users can get in, get answers, and get on with their day. Core workflows include:

  • Visualization and Reporting: On-demand access to all data captured on the platform, in a variety of formats, on web or mobile
  • Diagnostics & Prediction: Guided discovery to expedite triage, quickly answer commonly asked questions, benchmark performance, and get insight on future operational choices
  • Measure Identification: Continuous monitoring and applied data science to identify and quantify high value improvement opportunities that achieve energy, maintenance, and comfort goals
  • Measure Workflow: A unified repository to view, prioritize, implement and verify operational and capital improvement opportunities

About Hatch Data

Hatch Data is a leading building operations performance management software platform for commercial real estate. The company serves 1,900 properties representing over 350 million square feet of space. With Hatch Data, building operators can bring smart building benefits to their entire portfolio: better control and reduce operating costs, improve occupant comfort and productivity, extend the life of equipment, facilitate collaboration across ownership, operations and occupants, and strengthen sustainability results. For more information, visit


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